Why Men should quit Alcohol and Smoking?

 Quit drinking

It is not only women that should be mindful of alcohol and cigarette consumption when trying to conceive, men should also drink in moderation, and avoid smoking. The advice on the how much alcohol to drink when trying to conceive is debatable. Habitual alcohol consumption can damage the quality, structure and movement of sperm by preventing the liver from properly metabolizing vitamin A, which is required for sperm development. In addition, scientific studies have reported that alcohol can cause problems for the testes. There is no need for men who are wanting to start a family to be completely teetotal but it would be advisable to cut down and avoid binge or habitual drinking.

 Quit smoking

Smoking has an impact on sperm quality. It is well reported that the number, movement and shape of sperm may all be worse in smokers than non-smokers, and this is likely to make it harder for an egg to be fertilized. Chemicals in cigarette smoke damage the DNA too. If you want to improve your fertility don’t smoke at all, but even reducing the number of cigarettes per day will make some difference.

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