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Ceylon tea is known for its bright, lively, medium bodied tea with a delightfully rich and tangy flavor which comes from its leaves which are long and wiry and produce a flavor that is lighter than most black teas.

Ceylon tea was a tea brought to Ceylon from mainland china during British colonial times. Ceylon after its independents was renamed Sri Lanka. From the early colonial times to around 40 years ago Ceylon tea was the leading black tea of the world. Sri Lanka is the world’s third largest producer of tea, due its geographic location that creates the prefect climate to grow and harvest tea year round.

Tea is grown from sea level to over 7000 ft. Ceylon tea flavor is effected by altitude where it grows. Tea grown at sea level has a hearty, tangy flavor which has very rich taste. Ceylon teas grown between 3000 and 5000 feet above sea level are known for their full body and unique aromatics. Although these mid-range teas have their own unique flavors and their characteristics are a result of take on a combination of higher and lower teas characteristics depending on the conditions.

Ceylon tea grown above 5000 feet has a much lighter body, but is more aromatic and sweet. Ceylon tea is full of rich and flavorful tea perfect for your afternoon tea.


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