Green tea

Green tea carry micronutrients that feed the human immune system and strengthen body cells. When the immune system becomes stronger, tissue and cell repair is enhanced in a way that the body retains the ability to heal itself.

This is due to the free radical capturing (antioxidant), invigorating (caffeine), detoxifying, antibacterial properties of tea, as well as the vitamins and mineral products therein. Moreover, the content of caffeine is low. Tea extract has been shown to have veridical activity against polio, influenza and herpes simplex virus.

Green tea catechins exert antimicrobial and antiviral activities against a variety of infectious agents. Although the detailed mechanism of the antimicrobial activity of tea catechins remains to be explored, the broad-spectrum activity of catechins may involve common target(s), such as the cell membrane, in addition to specific targets for each pathogen.

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