Cinnamon Sibu Green Tea

Pulau Sibu, or Sibu Island, is really a grouping of a few littler islands with intriguing names like Sibu Besar, Sibu Tengah and Sibu Hujung. The islands, situated around 12 kilometers from Malaysia, are unblemished with postcard idealize shorelines and rich vegetation encompassed by the completely clear waters of the South China Sea.

The number of inhabitants in the islands is a hot blend of indigenous individuals and Chinese, Indian and Malaysian foreigners. A visit to the island by our Master Taster numerous years back was the motivation for this mix. Decades prior the Master Taster fell in love with the place, (and gossip has it, a neighborhood lady.) He chose never to return home… until the point when his cash ran out. Shattered he made a beeline for North America resolved to respect the heavenly island. Well, he’s finally done it with Sibu Cinnamon green tea.

This fabulous green tea is mixed with hot cinnamon to speak to the red hot Sibu sun and the hot character of his lost love. Flower petals have additionally been included tribute to the fantastic assorted variety of flowering plants on the island. The base of this brilliantly smooth tea is a Sencha style green tea produced in Hunan Province, South Eastern China. Sencha, a Japanese style green tea, is created by avoiding the aging procedure required for dark tea. Strikingly, both green and dark teas can be delivered from similar shrubs. In green make, the crisply culled leaves are steamed or warmed (to kill the enzymes that reason aging) instantly and after that bruised by machine or hand. Next the leaf is sautéed or in some cases crate terminated – forms that give the tea its unmistakable shiny look and feel.

The completed tea has a dim green, needle molded leaf and delivers a light green, yellowish liquor with a splendid cup and sweet, honey like finish. On the off chance that the sky debilitates rain or the temperature starts to plunge, mix a steaming pot and let the hot cinnamon notes transport you to the warm shorelines of Sibu. (This tea is additionally phenomenal poured over ice!)

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